Your important annual dates - at a glance!

The idea for the Birthday Board - Anniversary Calendar started in the 1940's with my grandfather (Chip Wood) engraving his children's names on a metal key chain. In the 1960's that led his son (Ken Wood - my uncle) to create a large fill-it-in-yourself version illustrated by his wife Malu - my aunt). All that predated the Internet, so here in the 21st century, I (Chip Underhill) am so very proud and happy to continue the family tradition by presenting what has been called "an analog product in a digital age."

Regardless of how you describe it, The Birthday Board - Anniversary Calendar is
truly useful, really attractive, and fun to maintain. Watch your calendar of family and friends grow! Parents, grandparents, brides and grooms, aunts and uncles...most everyone loves The Birthday Board.

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